Sunday, April 18, 2010

do it, do it, do it til you're satisfied...whatever it is!

i was very satisfied with my training this week. everything fell into place nicely. i know that not all weeks will but this one was a memorable one. as John at John's Ironman Adventure said, i got the monkey off my back. yes, i did! and i plan on keeping it off my back by doing open water swims on a regular basis. this week's numbers look like this:

total time: 3:57:00
total distance: 30.0 mi.

total time: 12:01:15
total distance: 243.10 mi.

swam (much better this week):
total time: 2:35:00
total distance: 5700 m.

weights/hundred push-up challenge x 3
abs x 2
since i knew early on that the weather was not going to be conducive for the planned 50 mile ride, we went and did groceries instead. all the while, i was planning how i would get this 50 miles done. as soon as i got home, put the groceries away, filled up the water bottles, grabbed the iphone and off i went on a long ride to nowhere. i had a feeling that i wouldn't be able to go non-stop for the full 50 miles on the trainer and i was right. so i did 30 miles, then a few hours later, finished up the last 20 miles. the buckeye training log that i've been keeping for almost 3 years (see side bar for "my workout log"),  is set up with my training week beginning with sunday so i didn't want to start the week off already getting behind. i'm glad i got it done even though i had to split it up.

a big THANK YOU to Cynthia O'H at Balls in the Air for bestowing upon me this lovely award for writing a blog that motivates/inspires her:

maybe if Saucony made a stiletto, i'd wear them but until then, no can do. i like my feet and they take enough abuse as it is without wearing such torturous contraptions. i do love the thought behind it though!

much love and peace out!


  1. 12 hours on the bike - rock star!!

  2. The rain actually felt great today...
    In terms of the OWS, embrace your fears and do A LOT of them. Let's face it, you already ROCK the other stuff.

  3. 50 miles on the trainer on the trainer in one setting is killa. Mentally, to me, it's kind of like cutting your own finger off :) So congrats on getting it in.

    Double fist pump for the open water swim! Are you going to be around next weekend? I'll be in St. Pete!

  4. awesome that you have found your mojo!!! Love it!

  5. wow wow wow! And congrats on the award. Love it!

  6. Awesome training week! You are doing awesome - sounds like open water swims are going to be the norm for you from now on! I would probably have to split up that long on the trainer too!

  7. Great job on the ride and the swimming this week! Congrats for the stiletto award. That is very cool

  8. Way to get your ride done! And, congrats on the award! :)

  9. Another week of impressive mileage. Everything seems to be coming together for you.

  10. awesome numbers, you are really racking them up lately! At least you didn't have snow this weekend!

  11. A most impressive week! You should feel good (and tired). All good mileage in the bank.

  12. Nice numbers! You really produce week after week. Good work getting your 50 mile ride in. You truly are dedicated!

  13. Awesome numbers for the week! I am jealous of your bike mileage!

  14. soooooooooooooooo


    Happy Monday!

  15. I am always in awe over your numbers!!! wow, impressive!!

  16. Wonderful week again KC! I only made it 31.5 miles on the trainer yesterday. I fought the boredom, but the boredom won!

  17. Geez at first I thought you went out and did a 30 mile run, which with the volume you have been putting up, I would not be surprised! lol

    Again, thanks for KILLING us in the volume department. You are an inspiration!

  18. Your amazing! Great training! And congrats on your award!