Sunday, April 4, 2010

sunday stuff and training update

a great easter sunday here so far and the day is still young. woke up to some thick fog this morning so waited it out a bit and got started on our ride around 8:30am. it was still foggy/misting but i could tell it was going to burn off rather quickly. took off the shades as they were full of mist and i couldn't see very well...then i crossed my fingers that a flying bug wouldn't end up in my eyeball. i'm happy to report, my eyeballs are still intact, thank goodness. about 4 miles into the ride as we were getting ready to make our right hand turn onto the main loop, i saw a guy at the water station filling up his bottles. he was wearing a florida ironman finisher jersey and was riding a cervelo p2...i know this guy! ok, we've never officially met but we follow each others blog. now i can say that i have met a fellow blogger IRL (in real life). meet Iron Bob from One hour ironman blog. he joined jc and i for almost our entire ride. it was a pleasure meeting you Bob and keep up the solid training for ironman st. george, utah, which happens to be right around the corner on may 1st. we ended up with 50.5 miles and a 21.4 average speed at the end. felt great considering the ass kicking my legs took yesterday in the hills...mantra constantly cycling (no pun intended) thru my head yesterday during the ride:
That which does not kill us makes us stronger~Friedrich Nietzsche
so, so true!

well, i can't believe that we are already in april. a quarter of the year is behind us. that went really fast folks. i began swimming again on january 4th of this year, after a long, long lay-off. basically, because i sucked at it and still do but not nearly as much. i've gone from really super crappy swimmer to a crappy swimmer, so i'll take that improvement and go from there. can't expect miracles in 3 months. i've been running for 20 years and biking for 17 years, so i figure the swimming will take some more time being that it is, in my opinion, the hardest of the 3 disciplines to master. at least for me it is. i will never give up on it; not this time. here are my training numbers from jan 1 thru march 31:

distance 354.46 miles
duration 46 hours 39 minutes

distance: 2155.95 miles
duration: 106 hours 28 minutes 

distance: 32.17 miles or 51772.5 meters
duration 24 hours 55 minutes

good overall totals i think but need to up the swimming a little more. maybe 1 more day a week but for a shorter period of time. i officially start my 6 month training plan for the great floridian ironman distance race on may 15th. that's the same day that i'm doing, my "comeback" race. an oly distance race in sarasota/siesta key. looking forward to it and this time around with a lot more swimming under my belt. shouldn't be as pathetic as st. anthony's was in the late 90's for me. no sink or swim this time. this time, i'm swimming with no fear!

this weeks numbers were good too:

distance 28.25 miles
duration 3 hours 50 minutes

distance 270 miles (this is normal distance for me this time of year, until around october)
duration 13 hours 40 minutes

distance 4600 meters (had to cut a session short to meet up for a ride)
duration 1 hour 45 minutes

hundred pushups challenge - week 2, done!
abs x 2

my goal this week is to plan 2 open water swims with this coach, who has on-going, wednesday evening open water swim workouts, starting at 5:30pm. i have no excuse. it's very close to where i work and i can time my work schedule accordingly.  lord knows i need to do this for my psyche. to know i can do this without freaking out. i know deep down i can do it and having others around me will help. plus, i'm dying to try my new wetsuit out.

in a nutshell, i think my training is going as planned. i think Alan Lakein said it best, "failing to plan is planning to fail." with that onward and upward!

much love and peace out!


  1. Wow, you've swam for over a day! Good job!

  2. Wow! Awesome 1st quarter! How do you ever manage to get all that training in?

  3. Hi, in response to your question, I started running for a few reasons. Just 6 mths after my wedding I gained back all 20lbs I lost prior to the wedding. We went on a cruise vacation over thanksgiving and I could not wear any of the tropical cloths I bought for the honeymoon just 6 mths earlier. I felt awful and I needed a change. We happen to have a treadmill so I dusted it off and started slow. For motivation, I registered for a 5k at the end of January and I told everyone what I had done so they held me accountable. Although it was 16 degrees, I finished the race and caught the bug. I have a 5k next week, 10k in August, half-marathon in December and if all goes well a full marathon scheduled for April 2011 (with repeat race distances in between the progression). In addition to the healthy benefits, I love having a goal that I am working towards.

  4. Great to meet you too...
    By the way folks, she has to count stopping for cars, slowing for this and for that.. because we had to be over 22mph everytime I looked down at my speedometer.

    I will see you at one of those swims since I haven't been in the water since IMFL... literally.

  5. Your training is solid and your racing will follow. Great first quarter.

  6. Heck KC the IM training is going to be less hours than you are doing now. You will be the first person to refer to the first month of your IM training as "recovery"

    Hey, you are going to do awesome in the open water. The Vortex suit is amazing KC, soooo happy that is the one we got. I did 2miles yesterday and wasn't even tired aferwards. The suit lets you focus on your form instead of staying afloat!

  7. I have raced with bloggers and had dinner with bloggers, I havent had a training session with one yet

    You are a rockstar on your bike, My 22mph average mostly had paceline added to it

  8. That is awesome when you run into other bloggers! Specially One Hour Ironman! I ran into Steve in a Speedo at New Orleans 70.3 standing in line for a bus last year - small world! Glad you got your ride in! The fog up here was so bad - that I could not even drive. Had to wait until 11am to start my long ass brick. Blah.

    Rock out that open water swim! You'll be fine! Come on up here - I'm itching to try out my new wet suit as well!!

    Hope you had a great Easter!

  9. Awesome mileage all round. And, I do love the quote: you do have to plan for success.

  10. @vanessa - now if i can just swim for 2.4 miles straight, i'm golden! 3 more weeks til' Boston...i'm so excited for you!

    @tonia and cynthia - i throw in training session all around the clock. not having kids helps too i suppose.

    @jeff - the way i look at it, my biking and running volume has been the way it is for a long time. the body is used to it. the swim is the only new thing in the whole scheme of my training, so more practice with 6 months and 2 weeks to get 2.4 miles in comfortably, i'm feeling confident it can be done.

    @leanne - great story. you obviously found your calling with the running. by far, the running gives you the most bang for your buck in the weight loss department. looking forward to reading your race reports. which half are you doing in December and which mary in April 2011?

    @rockstar, BDD, and Bob - i could be in the saddle all day. i love riding especially in the hills. thank goodness, because the ironman distance race i'm training for is HILLY! you know what i'm talking about Bob...Sugarloaf, Buckhill, etc...

    @chloe - i'd be there in a heartbeat to do an OWS with you if i had an airplane or helicopter to get me there in under an hour. oh, i misinformed you when we spoke a few weeks ago. St. A's is the week before my 3S3M ride so maybe i can meet up with you before the race? Have fun doing your OWS tomorrow. I'm jealous!

  11. I am a terrible swimmer also but you are right we can do this! Keep up the good work!

  12. that's great that you got to meet Bob on a awesome ride.
    wow, those are some serious numbers you've put'll be rocking the IM distance in october for sure!!

  13. I agree with Jeff... your IM schedule will actually be recovery for you!!! Man you are nailing the workouts, keep it up girl!

  14. LOVE your peep show, too too funny :). You're a training animal, I'm in awe!! I freak in open water swimming and I need to learn to be better at that. Keep up the good work!!

  15. ddddaaaaaammmnnnnnnn. Those are some INCREDIBLE numbers!!! keep it up!