Friday, April 9, 2010

tgif...getting wild and crazy

this week more than ever, i'm so glad the weekend is upon us. i ended up having a real easy day at work and since i was pretty well caught up, i took a half day. i was outta there by 11am! not a minute over either. i tied up a lot of loose ends that were hanging over my head all week, i took a nap, did all the laundry, even put all of it away instead of leaving half the stuff in the dryer like i usually do.

here is my version of the above photo......................
my version of a wild and crazy friday evening...powerade zero on ice!! today, i decided to ride inside even though the weather was fine outside. my reason: to not get anymore dehydrated than i already am since i have a long, long ride in the hills planned tomorrow. my doctor's office called me yesterday and said everything looked fine except my BUN and creatinine levels were higher than they should be, which to me, means i'm dehydrated. i knew that. i think i'm always in a state of slight dehydration and i really try my best to drink plenty of fluid all day long. i think it is a combination of sweating a lot and drinking too much caffeine in the form of coffee. i love my coffee and have no plans to give it up but i may cut back a little...just a little.
ended up doing 22 miles on the bike and drank all of my powerade zero and water. i still feel thirsty! maybe i need an IV? Noooooo! no more needles in my arm for as long as i can help it.

good luck to Teresa @ Tri-A-Licious who is running the Aflac IronGirl 15K in Clearwater, Florida tomorrow. and good luck to a bunch of you doing the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, also to Jeff @ Dangle the Carrot who is doing the Gateway to the Bay sprint triathlon tomorrow. can't wait to read everyone's race reports.

much love and peace out!


  1. Love the powerade in an ice cooler...ha ha! I think I'm in a constant state of slight dehydration too. It just seems like no matter what I do I'm never fully hydrated.

    Good luck on your ride this weekend!

  2. I am jealous of your day! Sounds so nice. Drink up and enjoy the ride tomorrow.

  3. I love the comparative pictures. It reminds me of the "Don't eat this" book that my son brought home last night.

    Keep drinking!

  4. Thanks for the well-wishes for tomorrow's Tri!! I Checked out the course today and am ready to rock it. Also thanks for the hydration reminder ... gotta go slam some H20 before I crash!

    I'll tweet ya when the RR is up tomorrow!

  5. I hope you have a great ride. Don't forget to drink. That is were I don't drink enough. My riding partners are always reminding me.

  6. Powerade on ice - sweet!! Hope you don't need an IV, been there done that and it ain't no fun, I promise that! Good luck with your long ride tomorrow, have a blast!

  7. Awesome pic of your crazy Friday, looks good to me! Hope your ride was awesome today.

  8. I should have chosen powerade on ice instead of wine last night.
    14 mile run this morning and I started out dehydrated (thanks to last night)
    Hope it was a good ride for you today

  9. Love it! That's my version of getting crazy on a Friday night too, although you're missing Ben and Jerry. Good luck with the hydration, it's sooo important!