Friday, April 30, 2010

plan b and lots of random thoughts

guess where i'm not at? i'm not in Tennessee! why you ask? well, the answer is not that simple but i'll do my best to explain my logic.

here's the lowdown...60-75% chance of rain for the 3 state 3 mountain challenge. for those who didn't take Earth Science in school, 60-75% doesn't mean a 60-75% chance that it will rain. it means that 60-75% of the area WILL get rain. i'm not about to drive 10 hours to maybe not be able to participate in this ride. i know some cyclists don't care about riding in the rain, but this cyclist does and apparently, so did the rest of the group we were going with. i might think differently if this were, oh say, an ironman race but it isn't a race and it isn't worth risking injury on the slick roads and with fast mountain decents. also, i would be in the worst mood if i drove all that way to then have to turn around and drive another 10 hours back because of the weather. the reality is that staying home equals way more cycling miles than having made the trip to TN anyway and more time in the saddle really makes me a happy camper. all was not lost except for the entry fee which compared to most race entries was peanuts. so plan b it is - a 100 mile ride in the hills, a no rain guarantee, with my pals who also decided not to risk the trip. even better, tomorrow's century will put me at 304 cycling miles for the week...dang! i love it!

i thought today would be a good day to share some random thoughts with you, that have been swirling around my head lately.

~ i think they main guy who sings on credit report dot com is really cute. i think it's his hair.

~ i haven't worn real "running" shorts in years because of my biking tan lines but decided this week, out of the blue, that i needed real running shorts again so i bought some very nice one's at Target. they rock! and they  cost less than half the price of all the popular name brands. take that Nike!'

~ sometimes when i'm bored i look through the biking section of craigs list and get a good laugh. it's a shame the way people spell basic words incorrectly, especially when the brand name of whatever item they are selling, is right in front of their face. for example: For sale - Litespeed Altimate...last time i checked, Litespeed sold an model called the Ultimate, not the Altimate. or how about a Rare Exotec bike...instead of exotic. sounds like they are trying to sell a reptile and not a bike. how about 2 bikes for sale, 1 rode bike, instead of road bike and 1 triathalon bike instead of triathlon. don't you love when people throw an extra vowel in triathlon?

~ this next craigs list listing deserves a space all of its own. Cervelo P3C, brand new, rider/owner put about 50 miles on it, novice rider - couldn't get comfortable in the tri/aero position. bike has Zipp 404/808, purchased for $8500. ok, what the hell is a novice buying a bike like this for? either you are an idiot with more money than brains or you are a poser with more money than brains. don't get me started on this subject! and by the way, 50 miles or 1 mile on the bike means it's no longer "brand new."

~ and then there's the guy who wants to let you know that the heat is comming - get a motor and you won't care. he's selling motors you can somehow rig on your bike to make it gas operated.

~ i sure wish all of the supplement companies that make gel based nutrition like gu, powergel, clif shots, etc, would redesign their packaging with rounded edges instead of the razor sharp, pointy edges that cut into my back thru my tri top.

~ i made a big mistake this week and swam around 2:30pm, when the sun was at its worst. even bigger mistake, i didn't put sunscreen on my face. even though my face is down in the water, the reflection of the sun on the bottom of the pool did a number on me. this will never happen again. i now have this as my weapon:

ok, i think that's all i've got for now. i'll report back in tomorrow with a century ride report from tennessee florida.  much love and peace out!


  1. u r such a logical person! who in their right mond would want to go and ride that far in 60-70% chance of rain! yeah right! HAve a great sunny ride weekend and enjoy your swim, bike, run! Cheers

  2. You made the right decision! Rain for a 100 miles would suck! I like the shorts!

  3. Those shorts are cute and blue is my favorite!
    I couldn't agree more about the gel packaging. It always gives me tiny little cuts on the inside of my mouth on each cheek like how freezy pops do.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. Wow..that's a bummer about the weather, but I wouldn't have gone either. I think you definitely made the right decision! Good luck on your century ride tomorrow...have fun!

    Oh, and I love Craigslist too. Some of the things people put on there are hilarious. But, I do have to say that I have sold a ton of stuff on there and it's an awesome site!

  5. Last year I had a few friends do it...and they did the whole race in trash bags beacause of the weather!! :)

    Gulf Coast is a week from Saturday, you could always come up here and race that!! (if the oil spill does not take over our coast!)

  6. R and R is great as long as it is not rubber and rain; they don't mix.
    Glad you're playing it safe.

  7. Bummer about the weather,but it sounds like you made the right decision. Enjoy the ride.

  8. Well, that makes sense about the trip and the rain and the bike and the not wanting to kill yourself, smart move, girl!! I don't know much about cycling (I do have a mt. bike and love to ride it in real mountains :) ) but I can only imagine those tiny little tires like to slip and slide on wet roads. Sounds like you're going to have an awesome ride this weekend regardless, yay!!! Too, too funny about Craigslist...the idiot with the 85k bike would be like me buying an 85k bike...what the hell for???? Well, if my foot is injured, maybe I WILL need that super-duper bike. ha. Enjoy your weekend!!

  9. I have done 100 miles in pouring 60 degree weather. It was a memorable ride!....not in a good way. I think you are making a good choice!

    I'll take that P3 off of that person's hands!

  10. KC - Sorry you aren't going to get to do the 3S3M ride, but it sounds like you are making the best of the situation ... good for you!

    My father calls me every now and again and reads me craigslist postings from "the best of craigslist" and some of them are hilarious!

    Oh and the dude selling the P3C because he can't get used to the aero position after 50 miles?? Really, they gave it the old college try after a whopping 50 miles? This person is someone who I'd like to negotiate with for the price of that bike!

  11. Bummer about the rain, but I would take 100 miles of sunshine any day. The Craigs list stuff is funny - maybe they meant Rode Bike, like it was rode before? AND I second the rounded edges idea on the GU and other gels. Have a great century, looking forward to the report!

  12. Smart decision making this week, with the race, the shorts, spell checking AND the face sunscreen!
    Can't wait to hear about the century ride!

  13. Sorry about the weather. It sounds like a good decision, though. Enjoy the century! That's so much biking for the week! I'm incredibly impressed.

  14. Smart decision KC, don't want any injuries to damper your season!

    Love the craigslist... list. haha!

    Rock on!

  15. Your "random thoughts" were hilarious! Nice way to start my Monday morning.. thanks!

  16. - I dont like riding in the rain either, thus no riding this weekend.

    - Gel packets, take some scissors and cut the corners to round them, I know its a pain, but saves your $80 tri tops from having holes in it.

    - Yeah, Mr Money probably got passed by an old hybrid. People are not smart sometimes.

    - What kills me, is when people post bikes and ask for more then what they paid for with no upgrades to the bike, I am not buying something I can get cheaper at my LBS.

  17. I'm with Aimee. crappy weather sucks.

    And the craigslist comment cracked me up......where do these people learn how to spell? It's always the basic words too - like .... "call, I can met wenever"...classic. ;)