Sunday, April 25, 2010

very good training week & misc. stuff

this week's numbers were good all the way around. the swimming, the cycling and the running just fell right into place. nothing was sore (my left piriformis is behaving very nicely thanks to lots of stretching out) except for my wrist. an old cycling injury to my right wrist decided it wasn't having anything to do with pushups after monday's workout so i decided to let it rest. i'll have to repeat week 5 of the hundred pushup challenge this week. the first test of the season is coming up may 15th. i'm doing the olympic distance florida international triathlon at siesta key. i'm very happy with my swimming the last couple of weeks and can tell a difference that the extra time i'm putting into it is going to pay off. here are my totals for the week:

total time: 4:00:00
total distance: 30.5 mi.

total time: 12:32:00
total distance: 251.75 mi.

total time: 2:46:00
total distance: 7100 m.

hundred pushup challenge/weights x 1 (stupid wrist)

coming up this weekend is the 3 state - 3 mountain challenge. it starts in tennessee, rolls thru alabama and then georgia and as the name implies, you climb 3 mountains. here is the elevation chart:

looks like fun, huh? this is why we've been busting out butt in the hills the last few months. i'm looking forward to it very much. keeping fingers crossed for good weather and get a load of this, every participant is eligible to win this frameset:

an Archon C-series frameset, compliments of Litespeed!!
so keep your fingers crossed for me. i would love to win that frame and have my wonderful master bike builder/domestique/love of my life build it up for me  us.

now for the misc. stuff:
~congrats to Chloe at Chloe is running with a bottle of wine and Kate at Going the distance who participated in the St. Anthony's Triathlon today. good job ladies! can't wait to read all about it on your blogs.

~Tonia over at Racing with Babes is doing a Tarma Designs giveaway. i have a Tarma necklace and it is way cool so make sure you visit her blog to find out how to get in on that.

~congrats to Matt at Staying strong and positive. he kicked some serious ass today at the Glass City Marathon in Toledo, Ohio. he finished in 3 hours, 20 minutes and 4 seconds. i think he will be qualifying for Boston very soon.

~good luck and positive race vibes going out to Bob at One hour Ironman who is doing ironman St. George in Utah this weekend coming up.

~congrats to Maria at 2010 Brings Racine who PR'ed at the Drake Relays half marathon!

~thanks to Scott (aka: Big Daddy Diesel) at Tri Diesel for bestowing upon me the "cool blog of the week" designation. you are too kind!

~last but not least, congrats to everyone who ran the Boston Marathon on Monday! it is a wonderful experience whether it is your first time or your 20th time. it's just special.

much love and peace out!


  1. As usual, Im jealous of your numbers! That ride looks like a ton of fun. Good luck on those hills!

  2. agree with Jon numbers are awesome...I cant even work in half! Congrats on the training thus far

  3. Your numbers are so inspiring KC! You are going to do great at the 3State3Mountain! -- If you win the Litespeed you could do the coolest blogger give-a-way ever ..just sayin!

  4. HUGE numbers for the week! Nicely done!

  5. That's a sweet lookin ride, Too bad you couldn't win it before the 3 State Mountain Challenge.

  6. Great numbers this week - you are so inspiring! HOLY HILLS! That 3State3Mountain challenge looks awesome, I totally am sending you good mojo for the ride and the SWEET RIDE. Oh, bike porn!

  7. Congrats on your numbers this week! Keep up the good work. I hope you have a great race and I hope you have fun on your ride.

  8. Holy cow...250 miles on the bike?! You are a freakin' machine!
    I hope your wrist starts to feel better, I'm sure you are kicking ass in the pushup challenge!
    Good luck in your final preparations for the 3 state 3 mountain, I'm excited to hear about that!
    Thanks for the shout out!

  9. Thanks for the shout out... I ran into Chloe at St Anthonys, by the way.
    Your an animal on the bike... and that is what it's all about, good work.
    My forecast for St George.. night winds at 32mph gusts to 50 with "damaging winds" (hope their not refering to me)

  10. Yeah, that's a serious hill profile there! Go get it (and that sweet frame).

  11. Wow, look at those numbers!!! I am beyond impressed!!!!

    At a ride, I saw someone with a 3 state mountain challenge jersey on.

  12. Have fun on your 3-state bike ride. That's one I'd like to do in the future and look forward to hearing your experience.

  13. I had to postpone the push-up challenge too b/c of my wrist...ugh! I hope yours feels better soon.

    Wow...your training numbers are awesome...I'm jealous!

  14. Thanks for the props! You are my cycling inspiration ;) HAHA! I think your race this weekend is totally awesome, someday I may be crazy enough to think about attempting it! GOOD LUCK this weekend!!!

  15. kick somne mountain butt his weekend! with the miles you have put in you should have a great race! Enjoy it, and remember to smile, it makes the day go faster and the wheels turn quicker! Cheers!

  16. I also get a sore wrist from cycling; I just end up putting too much pressure on it sometimes.

    Love the elevation! Seriously! I love hills and embrace them.