Thursday, April 22, 2010

keepin' it real yo!

ok my friends, as promised, here is my honest scrap crap...10 of them! thanks again to Mandy and Kate for tapping me to do this. i'm a sucker for these things.

uno - eventually i would like to get my nose reshaped...rhinoplasty if you will. the only thing stopping me is the down time from training i would have to endure. i might go coo-coo for cocoa puffs!

dos - i was adopted when i was 6 weeks old. so that makes me special. at least that's what my parent's always told me. i believed them.

tres - i eat the same breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner monday thru friday and never get sick of it. makes my life easy.

quatro - i'm a homebody. don't really care much about going out to eat or to the movies.

cinco - would love to adopt a child within the next few years to pay it forward.

seis - i don't like talking on the phone at all. if everything could be done online, i would opt for that.

siete - not a single day goes by that i don't think about my mom, dad, and granny in some way. wish they were still on this Earth with me. does that feeling ever go away?

ocho - if i weren't so terrified of living without health insurance, i would quit my job, sell all of my material possessions in a heartbeat (except for my bikes, running gear, and related apparel), buy a farm in Nevada or North Florida, raise miniature donkeys and live off the grid. Seriously. In other words, simplify my life (but don't ask me to get rid of the iphone).

nueve - i have a hard time sitting still for very long. drives the hub's crazy sometimes. i really feel like i have ants in my pants.

diez- i've fallen in love with blogging. i thoroughly enjoy reading the comments left behind and reading your blogs too. you all really motivate me everyday, you make me laugh, you teach me a thing or two, and make my day more fun. thank you!

so there you have it. not too exciting but true nonetheless. ok, gotta go now. time to hop on the bike and catch up on all the blogs i haven't had a chance to read is a beautiful thing.
much love and peace out!


  1. I love that you want to adopt too.
    I eat pretty much the same foods most days too and it does make things easy!
    I want to leave it all behind and go off grid too only I want a glass blowing studio and goats and chickens!
    I love blogging too! Its a great way to keep this homebody connected with the rest of the world. The internet is a beautiful thing :)

  2. Hey--I was adopted at a very young age too! And, I almost adopted--was knee deep in the process--when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. Good for you for wanting to do it.
    I'm also a big homebody and a simpler life sounds lovely--although not sure about the raising donkeys part!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Since you have the spanish theme:

    KC, gran lista! # 3 es impresionante. Yo haría lo mismo si mi esposa no fue tan particular sobre la comida. Me promedio 5000 minutos en mi teléfono celular cada mes, así que tienen problemas. Blogging es muy cool y me encanta estar inspirado a diario por todos ustedes!

  4. muchas gracias Jeff! 5000 minutos? hay Dios mio! yo tengo cerca de 250minutos cada mes, a lo sumo. mi marido come las mismas cosas tambien. no me casan por mis habilidades de cocina. se caso conmigo porque puedo andar en bicicleta muy rapido y mantenerse al dia con el.

  5. Sweet list! #4&#6 had me nodding my head - me too!! #7 made me misty-eyed for sure. #8, #9, &#10 also had me nodding! Cheers!

  6. Great list! Uno, I found get a boob job if it wouldn't mess up my training and the running!

    Dos, that is too cool that you are adopted and that you want to pay it forward!

    Tres, I often eat the same foods as well and ditto on diez!

    Happy Training!

  7. Hey,
    Dos cervesas por favor.. e
    Donde esta el bano?....

    The two Spanish sentences that have served me well...


  8. If I could do it all online I would too. I cringe every time my phone rings, and not just when I am on call!!

    When I lived alone, I used to be able to eat the same lunch and dinner (both meals the same food) for four days in a row, and just cook one day (Sunday!!) and live off the same three meals all week... I think that's a bit sad though, just pure laziness!

  9. I can relate to numero tres, ocho, and diez.

    BTW if you lived in Canada, you wouldn't have to worry about health care, but your farm would probably be in Saskatchawan, and you would freeze your ass in winter!

  10. Love ya Kristie! You are one of a kind:), except for all the things we have in common. I loved that!

  11. I think a future post needs to be an exposition on #3 -- what is it that you eat every day?

    Great list, thanks for sharing.

  12. Now you have to post your M-F meals, totally curious about that now.

  13. Great list! I too, think it's great that you want to adopt. :)

    #10-I'm so addicted to blogging it's crazy!

  14. Love the list!
    Interesting to hear about your eating habits, what do you eat??
    I cracked up when hearing about raising miniature donkeys! Let me know when that happens...I'll for sure come to visit!
    I HATE the phone too!!

  15. You list of 10 is one of the best I have ever read.

    #9 --- oh $9!!!!!! sitting? who sits anyway?

  16. Great list, I say ditto to #1,6,8,9,10. If only I could find a blogging job that offers health dream.

  17. nice list :) my aunt and uncle live off the grid on a cay in the virgin islands. its pretty awesome in some ways but a pain in the ass in other ways!!

  18. That's a great list! My dream is to own a bunch of land out in the country somewhere - like maybe Wyoming or Montana - and take care of stray/unwanted animals. Someday, maybe!

  19. I thought I was the only one who eats the same thing almost every day. I love it. My husband says I'm boring. Perhaps? But I know what I'm getting and what I can do with it.

  20. What a great list!!! We are such opposites, LOL. The only thing our lists would have in common is the phone-hate.

    I've been keeping up but not commenting! I can't see if you are doing St. Anthony's today, though - if you are participating in any way, GOOD LUCK! I'm going to go review your blog one more time just in case I overlooked it (in which case I'll be totally embarrassed...)

  21. I have quite a few friends that have done 'local' adoptions recently. With the craze of international for a few years there, anything within the states seemed 'weird' or out of the ordinary.

    Oh, you will forever think about them every day. It's just a fact.

  22. Great list! You made me tear up in places. I'd live off the grid too if I could. I don't think you can call yourself a "homebody" with as active as you are(I'm your definition of a homebody). Hey, can't you hook me up with your meal plan ;)