Thursday, April 22, 2010

tan lines from hell!

how many of us can relate to this? crazy ass tan lines! and you can't do anything about them except if you go to a tanning bed on a regular basis and who has time for that? i've actually come to love my weird tan lines since i've had them for what seems like forever and i'm quite proud of them. for the longest time, i had the bike short and sleeveless jersey tan lines but now with the swimming, they are getting a little funkier because of the criss-cross back straps and higher cut legs.

it's been a very busy week and my blog took the back burner. even though i don't post every single day, i do try to read as many of my favorite blogs as possible. sometimes i have to make a mental note to go back and comment when i have more time. i wish there were more hours in the day sometimes.

i've had an awesome week so far, i've gotten some really good runs, bikes and lots of swimming in and the week is still young. i was lucky enough to see a shooting star this morning on my run and yes, i did make a wish on it. it really made me smile when i saw it. i felt lucky to have been looking up in that particular direction at the right time. i have a feeling today is gonna be a really good day!

i was recently tapped by 2 of my favorite bloggers yesterday to list 10 honest scraps about myself.
thank you Mandy at Caratunk Girl and Kate at Going the Distance. i will get on that sometime today, promise. also, i'd like to change the title to "honest crap" instead of honest scrap.

good's almost friday!! much love and peace out!


  1. I love crazy tan lines! I try to avoid the farmer tan line of short sleeves and instead have a half dozen lines on my back and shoulders. Can't wait to hear your crap!

  2. I run in pretty short shorts and no shirt... Since we started biking a lot more... I am concerned I will have bike shorts tan lines hahaha.

    I also love water skiing and can relate to the life jacket tan line :( Hopefully I will have time to hit the water this year!

    Great numbers by the way, been following you on facebook!

    Keep on keepin on girl.

  3. I love the funny tan lines picture. My friends and I are always worried about our tan lines! We seem to be particularly fascinated with the lines that our socks leave so we have to buy the shortests available socks!

    I look forward to your "Honest Crap" blog. I was also hit for that one so I am thinking in it now.

  4. Ha! Too funny! I am the computer programmer. I glow in the dark I am so pale!

  5. I just walk outside for 5 minutes and I have a tan so I've just accepted my funky tan lines from all my running. :-)

  6. That picture is excellent. My favorite is waterskiing man. Glad you've had a solid week of training.

  7. yeah I have weird tan lines too. Faint but they are there! The computer programmer dude is funny with his pasty pale skin!

  8. a shooting star! that can only mean good things are coming your way!

  9. I totally understand being proud of the tan lines. I almost always burn but since i started running I've got a tan on my arms and shoulders and chest. It's a little funky from my sports bra and tank but I don't care because I feel like I've earned it in some way lol.

  10. Whats best is that we get tanlines within our tanlines, depending how many times we go sleeveless and sleeved!!

    I have good and bad news in reference to team roll kits, bad news, the kit I posted is for team members only.

    THE GOOD NEWS is that they have kits from the previous 2 seasons (Short and long sleeve jerseys, and bibs, no vest or knee and arm warmers) still and are trying to sell those. The designs is the same as the one I posted and same color scene. One jersey is white the other is black, I love both of them.

    heres the links to look at

    I am interested whether you get one or not.

  11. Tan lines are awesome! And you're right, they never go away!

    Oh, I love shooting stars, and I always make a wish too! :)

  12. Yay!! Own the tan lines. Those took a lot of freaking hard work!!!

  13. Thanks for saying I'm one of your favorte bloggers! : )

    I have cray-zee tan lines - t-back from my race day tri jersey then a lighter tan line for my sleeves, and of course the bike shorts, with a lighter tan line from my bathingsuit.

    Who needs a perfect tan? We're too busy training!

  14. What is most frightening about those tan lines is that I have many of them as the season progresses.

  15. I'm proud of my tan lines around my ankles and buy socks to help them "blend in".
    A shooting star? Hope you got your wish.