Thursday, May 6, 2010

don't look at me......

don't look at me...
i'm hideous!

those were my exact words yesterday to the hub's when he walked in the house. why you ask? because neutrogena age shield 55 spf is hooey...did! not! work! yep, i went to swim yesterday at a time where the sun is in a position to do some damage but this time i felt all smart because i had my weapon, the 55 spf with me this time and wasn't going to let that bright ball in the sky do a number on me like it did last week. after my swim, which by the way, was my longest swim ever, i went into the locker room and looked in the mirror...yikes! not sunburn, but sun splotches, blotches, whatever. it's just ugly. thank goodness for loreal face bronzer this morning. didn't want to go to work looking like a freak. a few people commented how tan i was, so thank you loreal for evening out the mess. so i guess i need to upgrade to neutrogena's 100 100 spf, are you kidding me? who knew it went that high? i had no idea but apparently it does, so i will buy some and see if it works any better. i'll say this, i saw no difference from last week in the pool when i wore NO sunscreen to yesterday when i had the 55 spf on. none at all!

i feel like i haven't blogged in ages but it's only been a few days. i have a good excuse though. i was physically unable to blog. my arms and hands would not stop shaking.  here's why:

yep, i finally finished the 100 pushup challenge and it nearly killed me. i actually had 2 days left on week 6 to finish up but i got impatient and had it in my mind all day that i wanted to finally GIT ER' DONE! i psyched myself up all day on tuesday, got home and threw it down. once i got to 70, the agony began. i used my marathon wisdom to get me thru the last 30. i broke it up into 5 mile rep segments and that's how i got to 100. let me tell you, my arms and hands were shaking for a good while...and then i went swimming! you can imagine the first 500 meters was not fun but then my shoulders loosened up and i think the fluid movement thru the water helped me not get so sore. i'm finding that the swimming is helping me recover faster too. i don't think it's my imagination, plus, i believe water exercise, be it swimming or water aerobics, is theraputic. anyone else think that swimming helps them recover faster and not have as much muscle soreness or tiredness?

so far, the week has been good. lots of quality miles on the running, the biking and the swimming is coming along very nicely. can't wait to put all of this to the test next saturday. today was not a rest day but i would classify it as a rest day for me. did an easy 4.25 mile run this morning and weights.

this evening, i met up with  my swim buddy at starbucks for a pep rally...and some last minute tips. she is doing her first ever triathlon this weekend at disney. it's the Danskin Triathlon Series - Orlando, Fl. May 9th 2010. funny how things work out. we met on a triathlon forum back in december. for me, it was finding someone who also went to the same YMCA, who i could count on, to hold me accountable to show up at the pool. somehow, knowing that someone was waiting for me to show up was exactly what i needed. and even though we are at different fitness levels, it has worked out beautifully. the water is an equalizer in our case. we've watched each other go from barely being able to swim one lap without having to stop and catch our breath, to swimming for an hour straight!  i have a feeling this won't be her last triathon.

that's all i got for now. boy, have i got some catching up to do on google reader this weekend. much love and peace out friends!


  1. So you won't be doing a giveaway of that sunscreen sometime soon?

    Great job on the push-ups; I'm sure following it up with a swim was a great idea. Swimming loosens up everything!

  2. Congrats on the 100 pushup challenge! I have tried and failed numerous times so I am way way impressed.

  3. Great idea Amanda!! I love it A LOT. Lets see what the 100 spf can or cannot do. If it proves worthy...giveaway coming soon!

  4. I keep failing at the pushups. I've started and gotten to week 3 a bunch of times. Good job getting it done.

    Think the pushups are the cause of the splotches? Could be....

  5. Congrats on the 100 push ups!! Best of luck to your friend this weekend! May the Tri gods be good to her :)

    p.s. do you do the pushups in a row or take breaks? How does it work?

  6. Congrats on the 100 push-ups! That is awesome. Bummer about the sunburn! I haven't found anything I love yet, so I am interested to see if you like the 100 spf. I have only used 30 before actually. But I need to do better with that. Good luck to your friend this weekend!

  7. Just like you KC to finish the 100 push ups ahead of schedule! Congrats! So do you plan on still doing push ups or going for a higher number?

  8. Awwww, thanks!

    I can attest, those arms were looking quite buff today.

    Give the Neutrogena Sport Face a shot. It's more water proof and a higher SPF.

  9. Great job on the 100 pushup challenge. I am very impressed and now inspired to try it myself.

    Good luck to your friend! I hope she has a great race!

  10. Booyah on the pushups girl!

    I remember just yesterday you were having issues swimming ;) and now look at you?! You are like a fish in the water!!! Great job!

    Hopefully you figure out the sun issues soon, that is no fun at all :(

  11. Sorry but Ms Zippy made me giggle

    Congrats on the 100 pushup, can I hire you over Jeff to be my bodyguard if I ever get rich and famous.

    I like the tri series, how fun is that.

  12. That sucks about the sunscreen! Hopefully you'll find something better that will actually work!

    Congrats on the push-ups! You ROCK! I hurt my wrist awhile ago, had to stop the challenge, and just haven't gotten back into it. Maybe I'll get back at it soon.

    Hooray for awesome swim buddies! It must be nice to have someone to swim with. I hope she has a great time in her tri this weekend! :)

  13. 100 pushups is awesome!!! I fail around 80...

  14. Major congrats on the big 100! I'm sure your arms are sore, but you know in your head when look you look at your arms now, you'll think they're as big as the Govornators!

  15. great job on the pushups..that burnin is a "mother", ain't it???

  16. Angie, it's a 6 week progressive program where you do 3 days a week of a specific amount of sets and repetitions...then you are supposed to be able to do 100 without stopping. It was hard!
    Jason, i sure do plan on continuing the pushups but not 100 reps. I'll sprinkle them in here and there.
    Everyone else, thanks for the congrats. If you haven't done the 100 pushup challenge, I recommend it. If you click on the 100 pushup i"i did it" icon in my side bar, it will take you to the website.

  17. Wow, bustin' out 30 more when you're completely fatigued? I think all I can do is 30. Think I need to up my game...haha.

  18. Awesome job on the PUs KC! Dude you get any thicker than the SPF 50 you might was well just put plaster over your skin!!

  19. I had a problem with sunscreen once that left my skin looking diseased. So much for being careful.

    Great job on the improvement in swimming. I never had any aches during tri-training; you're right: swimming is therapeutic.