Thursday, May 27, 2010

you want random? i'll give you random...right here buddy!

i'm feeling quite feisty today. can you tell by the title of this blog? i was tagged indirectly by a fabulous athlete, misszippy and tagged directly by one very awesome barefoot runner, angie bee. the cool award that i was tagged with...
i would like to think of myself as a versatile blogger. although my blog is triathlon related, it isn't the only thing that defines me. per this award, i'm to list 7 random things about myself, which i think i have done before with the honest crap scrap award a while back, but i love doing these so much that i think i can come up with 7 more random things you don't already know. i was supposed to do this yesterday but things have been soooo busy, especially the last 2 weeks, that it has been a challenge to stay up on everything 100%. i feel like i've been half assed with writing my blog, reading other blogs and commenting, which i love, love, love to do. next week is looking much better already, plus, monday is a holiday, so lots of time for playing and catching up. suhweet!

ok, here we go:

1) i went to catholic school from 2nd grade until i graduated high school. hated every minute of it. however i did love one thing and that was wearing a uniform everyday. made my life so easy every morning. who doesn't love a green plaid skirt, freshly ironed white button up shirt and penny loafers with a dime in the middle instead of a penny? oh, and i haven't been to church since i graduated.

2) i really love baseball, especially the rays. i can thank my honey for teaching me the in's and out's of this beautiful game. there is more to this game than meets the eye. i also think the ray's coach, joe madden is a genius.

3) the real reason i don't have a dog (and i do love dogs) is because the hood i live in requires you to pick up after your pet and i can't bring myself to pick up dog shit. just thinking about it as i type makes me gag. just can't do it!
4) i really hate twitter. is it just me that thinks it's stupid?

5) i love gu chomps! i love them so much that i want to dump the entire bag in my mouth in one shot.

6) if i never did another triathlon ever again, i would still continue to swim. i enjoy it that much. who'd a thunk?

7) i love salsa music and have the local fm spanish station pre-set on my car la musica locos!!

one more for fun...
8) i worked at taco bell for 1 day (actually for 4 hours) when i was 15 and it was my first job.  let's just say, food service is not my thing. neither was cleaning up a parking lot.

much love and peace out!


  1. I don't understand Twitter either! I guess I am not a person of few words! Personally, I am football fan but I do love playing baseball. Unfortunately, I have not done that in years!

  2. hahah .. loved it! i still need to do my versatile blogger list!

    I did Catholic School from K-12 too! Can't even remember the last time I have been to church that wasn't for a wedding?

    With two pugs picking up shit is a daily part of my life. They are worth the shit (-:

    Oh and Chomps are awesome. i have eaten them as snacks while working.

  3. I am definitely with you on #4, and the last sentence of #2.

  4. Hot mama!! aka: JDS: you owe me a phone call hootchie mama! that sushi place by work closed, gotta find a new place to meet up.

  5. Good list!! I would never have survived catholic school although the uniform does sound nice and easy!

    I worked in food service but it was waiting tables and not fast food. Tips are way better!

    I am with you on the dog thing...uuggh. No big dogs for us. Maybe a pug or frenchie or something.

  6. I went to Catholic school, too, and rarely every go now...and my daughter went to Catholic school and swears she'll never step foot in another Catholic church. Hum. We do have a wedding to go to this summer, I wonder if she'll sit in the parking lot??!! And Twitter just is irritating..thanks for not liking it, too. Have a great weekend!!!

  7. Great list!

    I went to Catholic school too until 2nd grade and hated every minute of it as well. I don't know about you, but we had mass every day in the morning, and I can remember passing out numerous times b/c of the heat and smell of incense!

    I don't get twitter either...what's the point?

  8. I'm not a Twitter fan at all. Just the name - twit - makes me want no part of it. (Okay, I know it's a bird twitter but, c'mon, it's just plain dumb).

  9. Fun list!

    I went to Catholic high school. We had a dress code, but not a uniform. I always kind of wanted a uniform because it sounded easy.

  10. Fun list! I am definitely lucky where I live on the dog thing - I trained Bailey to go in the woods when he was a pup - although like Jeff, he is worth the poop to me (and he is a big guy!).

    Food service sucks.

    I love baseball too - but ofcourse, I am a Red Sox fan! :)

    Great list!

  11. Nice list! I have never worked fast food... I don't cater to certain people well haha.

    The pups are worth the poo :)

  12. I always enjoy a new post on 140 Point 6 Miles --- never know exactly what it'll be about. Really enjoyed the random list this morning. Happy Friday!

  13. I went to Catholic School from 1st through 5th grade, and my Dad has taught at a Catholic High School for around 30 years. What's up with the catholic school attendance and triathletes? : )

    Oh, and why not try a small dog... small dog = small poo, which is much less disgusting than big poo.

  14. continue swimming? Now that is a big change! Way to go!

  15. Number 3 & 8 are the same - right? It feels the same anyway.

  16. I love this list, thanks for sharing

  17. Haha - I was feeling feisty yesterday as well...your title describes me perfectly.

    I still LOVE taco's one of the few remaining bad food things I still like from my Previous Fat Guy days.

    I'm also surprised I love swimming now, just started in rules!


  18. Great list! I love the idea of uniforms, too. My kids go to public school but I wish uniforms were required. I totally agree with you on Twitter, I don't get it and I don't care to. Have a great 3 day weekend!

  19. This was a fantastic list! I did not go to Catholic school...but we were very Catholic:) Well, my parents were. We were always going to church!

    I don't do the twitter thing either...I am struggling to find enough time for blogging. I love Gu Chomps too! I wish that I could swim...I have already explained to you that I suck at swimming:)

    Have a great weekend!

  20. I'm a Catholic school boy too, but I really over did it. Catholic grammer school, high school, college, grad school and dental school. In fact I've never been to a school that didn't have a Catholic association, And look what it did - it made me a triathlete. I didn't plan my education that way, it just happened, and it wasn't really that bad, except for the dental school part. But that's another story. I have lots of funny and good memories about my Catholic education
    Twitter is pointless, I agree. But, then again, I haven't even done Facebook yet. God help me but I might, though

  21. Ahh yes, another recovering catholic...I think my mom is president of the Iowa chapter!

    Twitter is pointless, and kind of creepy.

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