Sunday, May 23, 2010

wrapping up another fine week!

a little sad to see the another fun filled weekend come to an end. after having to taper down a bit for last weekend, it was nice to get back to my normal training volume without worrying about burning out. we had a strong 84 mile ride in the hills on saturday and then another strong ride of 50 miles in the flats this morning and the legs felt really good for both rides. i seriously live for these awesome weekend rides! i may not be saying that come late july/early august when i have to start dragging the TT bike up there for the long rides and then running after. that's gonna hurt but it's what i have to do to get ready for the iron distance race in october. on that note,
i officially registered for the great floridian ultra, which is an iron distance race. for my friends who are new to this, the distances for this race are as follows: 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run. and yes, that's all in one day! i will have 17.5 hours to finish it, which i think is plenty of time. here is a brief description of the race from the race website:

Florida's original iron-distance triathlon, the Great Floridian Triathlon XX. The GFT celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2010 and this will be one race you do not want to miss. Weekend events also include an intermediate Distance Triathlon with a 2K swim, 60K Bike and a 15K Run along with a Super Sprint Triathlon with a 200 yard swim, 8 mile bike and a 2 mile run.

Clermont, Florida is located 20 miles from Orlando and is often called The World Triathlon Destination. Major Central Florida tourist attractions are minutes away making this race an ideal family destination. Awards are presented 10 deep in most age divisions and each participant receives a participant t-shirt, race packet, commemorative water bottle and poster, free post-race massage, Pasta Dinner, Breakfast of Champions, Awards Brunch, swim cap, post-race refreshments, complete race results and other goodies. Official individual finishers will receive a special 20th Anniversary Great Floridian finisher's medal and T-shirt.

i also plan on doing the half iron distance race in september that is put on by the same race director but i have not officially signed up for it yet.
over the last few years, september has personally been a bad month for races because of hurricane threats, tropical storms, tropical depressions, i'm going to wait this one out until the race date gets closer, but it is written in pen on my calendar. thanks to everyone for your comments/advice on my last post. i am definitely going to do this race. i think it will be a great confidence builder and will help me fine tune my nutrition and hydration. here is a brief description of this race from their website:

a great tune-up for other late season long course races including the Great Floridian.

i'm sure there will be one or two olympic distance tri's in there as well.

did you miss my numbers for the week last sunday? i didn't even bother posting them since it was pretty insignificant because of having to taper down. here is this week by the numbers:

total time: 3:00:00
total distance: 22.5 mi.

total time: 13:02:00
total distance: 260.1 mi.

total time: 1:50:00
total distance: 5100 m.

weights and abs x 2 

i hope everyone had a great weekend and i hope the work week flies by because i am so ready for the long, holiday weekend!! lots and lots of riding to do.


  1. You are definitely tough enough! Setting goals early is so important because that gives you time to really plan to excel.

    Nice mileage this week.

  2. Awesome that you singed up!
    Glad you had a great weekend and heres hoping for a fast week!

  3. Solid week there training. Signing up for races is exciting. Looking forward to following the journey.

  4. Impressive week of training! I bet you're excited that you have now signed up for the Great Floridian Ultra and have a specific race to work toward!

  5. Awesome that you signed up for the Ironman. Now its real! As usual, nice bike numbers.

  6. You had some awesome rides this weekend. I am jealous! Great job!

    Congrats making the plunge to the long distance tri! That is too cool! Plus, it is an anniversary race. Those are always the best. I look forward to hearing about all your training!

  7. You are going to be one busy person!!! How exciting to look forward to your races :)

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  9. Great rides. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. ;)
    Fantastic that you got registered! I bet that felt great! When I registered for IMCDA it took me 30 min to fill out the app, and about 3 hours of sitting there before I pressed the "register" button. As I did I took a big GULP... but a huge smile hit my face.
    Can't wait to follow your journey.
    PS: The time off on my calf, and a little work on it this week made a huge difference. Off and running again, thank goodness. As you know, the time off makes me a little crabby. =)

  10. I think you are in great shape for an IM that is still so far off! You are gonna rock it!

  11. Isnt it funny how when you sign up it becomes real? Good luck, I am looking forward to reading about your journey! Thanks for all the kind words and comments!!

  12. Your such a rockstar, you will do great

  13. awesome training totals..whoa

  14. Nice! pulled the trigger on your 140.6 race...
    Nice work mixing in the weights and abs!
    envious and inspired of your rides, I need to get out there!~

  15. Those are insane numbers!!

    I'd buy you season passes to disneyland to have you train me too. Loved that!

  16. You have the right idea on loading up on bike miles. That will pay the biggest dividends in October.. trust me.

  17. Yay for official backing out now!!

  18. Yay for KC!!!

    Hey, do you feel better now that you have the race scheduled officially "locked down" ... I always feel so much better!

    Are you guys getting this hot and humid weather too? Seems a little early this year. I was cold in PA this entire weekend, got back to Houston and was dying immediately!

  19. Hurricane Shmuricane I say.

    Great week training.

    One of the huge advantages of training in the northern states is that we very seldom run into any alligators in our lakes while training. Polar bears, yes... alligators, no.

    Keep on keeping on!

  20. yay for ultra distance~ super stoked for you girly!Looks like you are keeping up a solid volume as well. I'm so jealous of your race options in FL. They have the best triathlon options for sure. Anyway happy training- have a great week :)

  21. Wow, nice job on those long bike rides! You are really busting out the miles:)

    Congrats on signing up for the great floridian ultra! I am just in awe of anyone who can finish these type of races:) You are in prime shape and I know that you will do awesome! I will be cheering for you!

  22. Hee, I had to sign up first for GFT before I'd do any serious training for it. YOU ARE TOUGH ALREADY!!

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