Friday, May 14, 2010

sensible me

a conversation between me and my sensible twin this morning...

me: (alarm clock beeping)-yay! time to get up and do an EASY, short run.
sensible twin: why are you getting up so early? aren't you racing tomorrow morning?

me: duh! of course, i know i'm racing in the morning, so what? I said i'm doing an easy, short run, not my usual morning run. get over it!
sensible twin: well, if i were you, i'd take the whole day off and chalk it up as a rest day.

me: well, you aren't me! huh? listen to me, an easy, short run is a rest day. plus, i feel fine since i just did an easy run and ride yesterday. don't forget how i get in the morning without my daily dose of workout. you have to live with me you know.
sensible twin: be smart and save it up for the triathlon, that's all i ask of you.

me: (as i'm putting on my running stuff) whatever silly!
sensible twin: one of these days you'll learn until then, go knock yourself nut(said in a mumbling voice).

conclusion of the story: so i did an easy, short run this morning afterall...but wait, it gets better. the sensible me prevailed and i literally ran .48 miles (that's once around the hood) and decided that i'm taking today as a rest day. see? i do listen sometimes.

i hope you enjoyed that glimpse into the battle that the mind was waging with me this morning. i'm really not that schizo. with all of that said, i am ready to race. i'm excited as all hell to get out there and have me some fun.the j-man is excited too and said that he is looking forward to watching me race. that makes me happy. i sorta felt bad because he'll be missing out on the usual saturday, long ride. j, i know you read my blog, so thank you for your support and encouragement and for being my chauffeur tomorrow so i can get some extra sleep on the way down there in the morning. you da best!

update on the 110+ sunscreen: i'm disappointed. i did what the instructions said and put it on 30 minutes prior to heading out. picture this for a moment if you will...i'm putting this on my face at my desk, at work because timing is of the essence. i evenly apply the plaster of paris and continue to do a little more work. a few minutes later, i look up to talk to Deb and she starts cracking up and grabs her mirror to show me why she's laughing. here's what i looked like:

yes, it kinda turns a bit white after a few minutes. i swear it didn't look like that when i put it on. i have a mirror too you know. so then another co-worker, Kim starts cracking up. that's when i decided to wipe some of it off and wait until i got to the Y to put more on. the conclusion to this is that i still had the same weird/funky tan marks (i can't call them tan lines because they aren't lines). the best way to describe these tan marks is areas on my forehead and cheeks that look like i have dirt marks on my face. thankfully, it does blend in within a few days. i expected better results using the more expensive, higher spf, sunscreen and this was not the case. save your money folks. i won't bore you with this subject anymore because it is what it is and i don't see a solution except to expect that i will look 60 years old by the time i turn 40 in august. from my research online, i have concluded that chlorine breaks down sunscreen and that most sunscreens are a scam. for your research pleasure, i found these 2 very interesting websites that will blow your mind:
skin care for athletes and sunscreen cosmetic database

guess what time it is??? it's shout out time!! sending tons and tons of positive race vibes and race mojo to everyone racing this weekend:
~ jeff at dangle the carrot who is doing his first half ironman distance in dallas on sunday.
~ mandy in maine at caratunk girl who is doing the sugarloaf marathon. go earn that 26.2 sugarloaf sticker girl!
~ sherry at a woman in motion  and teresa at tri-a-lici-ous, both fellow tampa girls who are doing Ironman FL 70.3 this weekend.
~ cynthia o'h at balls in the air who is racing a 5k saturday.

ok, i think that covers everyone. please forgive me if i forgot anyone. not easy to keep everyone's schedules in my head but i sure "tri." if you aren't racing this weekend, have a good one, get plenty of good training in and enjoy.

much love and peace out!


  1. kick some butt this weekend! and remember, it is suppose to be fun, don't forget to smile along the way! (try Dermatone for sunscreen, it works awesome) Good luck and good race!

  2. Have a great weekend and go kick some a$$!

  3. Have an awesome weekend! Too funny about the sunscreen and thanks for the photo dang it. Creeped me out!

  4. My sister and her family are very sun conscious – I mean they never go out without sunscreen and hats and stuff- their children wear those sunscreen clothing that look like 1920’s bathing suits. And they just moved to Australia (no ozone).

    I will check with her so see what everyone is using down under. I’ll let you know.

    Good luck on your race.

  5. Thanks for the shout out! YOU kick some butt this weekend, I know you are going to do awesome, I am looking forward to your race report. AND THANK YOU for that scary link on sunscreen. (I did laugh out loud at the clown pic and visual). I had no idea, and reading it doesn't seem to make it any better. I totally loved your conversation with yourself by the way. Kick some butt this weekend!!! WOOT

  6. Glad the sensible twin won out! You will be happy on race day. Hope it is a great one--tear it up!

  7. Thanks for the shout out and good luck to you as well!

    Seriously, I might be more excited for your Tri than my own ... lol!

    You might have to ditch the Y and find an indoor pool. I know here in Houston it becomes too hot to even do lap swimming after about mid-june so I stay indoors. It sucks but the sunburn sucks worse!

  8. TOO funny on the clown picture!!

    HAVE FUN this weekend. The rest will take care of itself!!

  9. Best of luck this weekend. I have a friend racing too. His name is Ian. If you see him say hi for me.

    I'll also check out your info on sunscreen.

    I'm running 10k on Sunday. Not sure what to do today and tomorrow.

  10. Thanks for continuing to update :) I'm a new triathlete training for my first race in September and I've come across some tri blogs that are certainly help in the motivation department!

    The voice in your head DEFINITELY resonates with me because I have a hard time making light days light! If I'm exercising I always feel like I have to just push it as hard as I can, which is why I have a goal of taking my light days seriously (I've run for 4-5 years now, so that's what I'm referring to).

    Anyway, I know the struggle you speak of today =P

    Good luck this weekend!

  11. LOL I'm glad I'm not the only one who has these disturbing inner dialogues. Thanks for the well wishes and good luck on your tri! I'm sure you will crush it so get out there and have fun! Looking forward to the race report!

  12. Haha. I love the dialogue.

    Good luck this weekend!

  13. Kick butt at the race! I'm looking forward to the race report...

  14. Good luck tomorrow, be strong!!!

  15. Good luck this weekend to you and everyone racing! Monday will be fun reading all these race reports!

  16. Thanks for the good wishes. I have no idea what to expect in terms of time. I'm just getting out there to run.

    The sun can be so frustrating. I've given up on trying to protect myself with suncare products and try to use clothing more. Fortunately, I'm north where the sun doesn't have the same intensity as it does in Florida.

  17. Good luck to you!! You are going to rock it!! I will be waiting for your race report! Bummer about the did make me chuckle a bit:)