Friday, January 15, 2010

nightmare revisited

i had to take a half vacation day today as i was experiencing major symptoms of attention defecit disorder. it afflicts me every once in a while and being as i was all caught up and then some at work, i decided, why not? i got to thinking as i was driving home, with my sunroof open, sun on my shoulders, that what a beautiful day to go ride bike-temperature reading in car was 73 glorious degrees. than i remembered that i don't like riding alone during the week at flatwoods, specifically in the middle of the day when the population is sparce. since my favorite riding partner (love of my life-jc) was working, i decided it would just be best to ride inside...AGAIN, which leads me to my nightmare story revisited and why i don't ride by myself at flatwoods when there aren't plenty of people around just incase something were to happen.

let me take you back to a beautiful saturday morning, march 29, 2008. favorite riding partner and i embark on what is supposed to be a challenging 50 mile ride in flatwoods and surrounding roads. so we're cruising along at about 23 mph, jc is leading but unfortunately, we only made it to 4 miles. from out of nowhere, a huge, black hog comes running full speed ahead right in front of us and it just happened so fast, that we had no time to react...jc slammed right into the beast and i flipped over jc.

here is a picture of the aftermath. a one month old cannondale, system 6 destroyed in seconds.

here's another picture of the bike. if you hit carbon just right, it's over!

thank goodness we ALWAYS wear a helmet when we ride. even if only from here to the corner. cyclists not wearing helmets is beyond my comprehension. no picture of my helmet but it had a large crack in the back where it slammed into the pavement when i flipped over jc.

big chunk of styrofoam broke off in the crash. helmets save lives, no doubt about it.

but the helmet couldn't save jc's face. his jaw was swollen for days. if you would look at him from behind, his cheeks looked like don zimmer's, former cubs coach.

and here is a very sad jc holding his one month old baby. notice the hand he's holding the bike frame with...more road rash. he was a hot mess!

here is my beautiful cannondale, system 6 that escaped the crash with a little scratch on the seat, bike computer, and a nick in the handlebar tape. whew! didn't have to replace 2 bikes thankfully.

thankfully no broken bones, just lots of road rash. indirectly, as a result of the crash, i ended up in the local ER 3 times in about 5 days...all because of a severe allergic reaction to a minimal amount of tylenol gel caps that i took for hip pain-i landed on my left hip in the crash. glad all that is behind me now.

the culprit looked just like this and he was running like he stole something. i still see lots of hogs out there! i figure chances of hitting another one is like chances of getting struck by lightning or winning the lottery.

on a lighter note, today was a nice day training wise. ran 8.25 miles this morning before work and biked on the trainer in the afternoon...after a restful 2 hour nap that i desperately needed.

good weekend to all, much love and peace out!


  1. For us Midwestern folk, it is the whitetail deer. I've greased the roads and ruined more than a tire or two avoiding them. Fortunately have been able to avoid them!

    Then there are the four wheeled beasts we all have to deal with!

  2. And for this former New Englander, it was wild turkeys ! But they aren't as big as deer or hogs.

  3. that is one scary looking hog! cant say in my part of the world that happens! happy t hear that everyone was OK(except for the bike) Have a great weekend!

  4. When you said "hog" I just assumed it was someone on a Harley!! Had to laugh when you showed the picture at the bottom of the post.

    Those things are nasty, we have them all over SE Texas.

    Glad to hear you guys were okay because it could have been much worse - thank goodness for the helmets!

  5. Wow that hog's a pig! Huge!!! I agree I can't imagine not wearing a helmet. I've seen many things on the road, but haven't seen a feral pig yet. I hear it doesn't take long for farm pigs to go wild.