Monday, January 11, 2010


"Above all, challenge yourself. You may well surprise yourself at what strengths you have, what you can accomplish."
Cecile M. Springer
this is my second week swimming and i'm feeling more and more comfortable. it's so humbling to do something that i'm not that good at(yet!). it was so easy and comfortable focusing on the running, cycling, and weight training because it is what i know and do best. it is what i've been doing for years. although i still challenged myself in those different disciplines, it was within my comfort zone and i was a little apprehensive to come out and play in an arena i wasn't feeling the love for. today, i think i turned a bit of a corner in this love/hate relationship with the water. in fact, i just may throw in an extra pool day this week.
SmileyCentral.comhad a great run this morning. i think i've finally adapted to the least with the running. i don't think that will happen as easily on the bike.
SmileyCentral.comlooking forward to a bit of a warming up trend closer to week's end. nonetheless, no matter what the weather decides to do, i won't let it stop me. sometimes you have to just improvise and deal. no excuses!
here's to a good week ahead!


  1. Good blog "KC," I look forward to following your progress toward October! (And who would have ever known that JC knows tricks like the cellophane toe wrap?)

  2. hot mama, you crack me up! will you and bob-a-louie please move back to tpa so i can train you guys exclusively?

  3. I signed up for my first IM(Wisconsin 2010) and could not siwm. the challenge to figure it out has been a bLAST! today it is my favorite workout! Keep at it! As for teh cold, as a Canadian I would love to have the cold you are suffering with, it is -10C(not sure what that is in F) Like your spirit, pushing through it will ojnly make us stronger! Cheers!

  4. Ah, yes... swimming. I am coming up on my fourth season of triathlon, and the swim still instills a decent amount of fear. The good news; I have been getting stronger every year. Now, if I could just grow a dorsal fin and somehow evolve to have gills.