Friday, January 1, 2010

weather sucks!

here is a radar picture of what's out there and what more is coming. behind all of that is 20-25 mph gusty wind and temps in the 30's. not good cycling conditions if you ask me. i am so sick of the rain, wind and cold lately. i'm especially irritated with the timing of it all. seems as if the crappy weather arrives just in time to screw up the weekend and lately the long, holiday weekends when i usually would be getting in lots of miles. to add salt to the wound, next week's weather forecast is calling for temps in the 30's as a low on M/T/W which means no swimming in the morning as planned because of the no swimming allowed under 43 degrees rule at the Y. i'll have to wait til evening to do that i guess. thankfully, the pool is open until 8pm so i have plenty of time to get all of my training in.

i hate when the best laid plans go down the drain but that's life and ya just gotta roll with it and adjust the schedule to make things work out. i'm not sure who the author of this quote is but it sure fits the circumstances as of late: "the key to success is often the ability to adapt." so with that being said, As i hear the rain pounding on the window next to me, i guess i'll just go hop on the bike/trainer and get some miles in. today starts at mile marker zero!

happy new year to everyone, much love and peace out.

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  1. Bummer..but at least you got some miles in on the trainer! It started raining down here as soon as I got off work!! I'm hoping for a nicer day tomorrow! LK