Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i'm convinced, exercise is the best medicine

sometimes i find that when i write about something, something that isn't necessarily positive or good news, that it makes me feel better, so here goes. i have a really wonderful friend i grew up with who recently received bad news regarding her mom's health with an unofficial 2 months left. as i read her email this morning, it brought back so many memories for me, some good and some bad. i was in her shoes almost 3 years ago. i lost my mom, then my dad 3 weeks later. my mom's death was expected as she was ill for a long time but not my dad. nonetheless, it's never an easy thing to except or deal with but somehow you find a way. my way was through working out, not medication. medication would have been too easy.

the reason i'm writing about this is because my friend mentioned that she was feeling a little guilty about an upcoming event that she wasn't sure she'd be able to be ready for with so much up in the air. i lived with those guilty thoughts for so many years with my mom's health always hanging in the balance and it's a strange place to be. i'm off at a race having fun, my mom is in a nursing home suffering and my dad is there with her all day? you just never feel quite right and you question yourself a lot...am i being selfish? am i a terrible daughter?  i know the answer now and it took a while to figure out. you can't stop living your life and you can't stop doing the things that make you who you are and bring you happiness. sure you may have to improvise a bit with your schedule but it is so important for your well being to keep the things in your life that help center you and make your heart sing.


well, i was supposed to swim this morning but weather.com said it was 42 degrees so i didn't risk the chance that the pool would be open and instead ran a glorious 6 miles and biked 10.5 miles...to be continued later. i'm thinking hit the pool after work, and add a few more miles on the run and bike to top it off. i feel great, why not!?

have a great day everyone!


  1. Great post and very well said!

  2. Yup! Thanks for the insightful post. hugs-hw (had to type "snester"-say it out loud like i did--to post this) : )

  3. great post! I always think if my parents would want me to behave any differently. That is what is so awesome about them, it is unconditional and they ultimately know that you are always with them. would they want you to take the medication route......

  4. amen to that sister! whenever i feel sad or stressed a workout is a sure fire way to feel better.