Friday, January 8, 2010


ok, now i'm wired and no i did not drink a red bull. they taste disgusting imho! i just thought it would be an appropriate picture to post since my last one was alluding to the fact that i was just plain tired. not to be confused with exhausted. i think with this being the first full work week i've had in a while(lots of vacation time is a beautiful thing), and all the biking, running, weights and then now add in the newest activity of swimming and you've got yourself one hell of a week. it's all good though and i feel great after 7 hours of sleep and a refreshing run to start off this fine day.

i'm really proud of myself this week with the whole swimming dealio. honestly, if you would have asked me a year ago if i thought i'd want to ever swim again, i probably would have said no. only because it really didn't fit into what i was training for at the time and of course because i don't like it. let's take that one step further...i don't or didn't like it because i'm not as naturally good at is as i am with the running and the cycling. so i'm just glad that i saw the light and decided to get out of my comfort zone, which is no easy task.

ended up with 3 swim training sessions this week: monday, wednesday and thursday all in the afternoon and no problem getting a lane all to myself. i wonder if that will be the same next week when i go in the morning before work. i'll make my decision after next week whether i like mornings or afternoons better and try to stick to a consistent schedule. no matter what, my goal is to swim 3 times a week as a minimum.

i had a fun workout last night after my swim. ended up staying and doing a weight training session with gary (a great mountain biker and road cyclist who just so happened to graduate from the same exercise phys program as i did but 10 years earlier so he knows his stuff). let's just say that this former, semi-retired personal trainer got her butt kicked and that rarely happens. personal trainers aren't used to taking orders from others; we like being the boss, so this was very different for me as the tables were now turned. lots and lots of core work, your own body weight exercises like step-ups, pull ups, dips, push-ups using stability balls, bosu, etc...we will do it again next week.

i hope everyone stuck to their new year's resolutions and/or goals this first week of the new year. if you didn't, don't beat yourself up. tomorrow is a new day, a new start, just make sure your goals are realistic. in other words, keep it real!

much love and peace out!

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  1. ok Please Please Please tell me it is sunny and warm in Florida now!

    I don't want to come for vacation, and still have to wear a sweater!