Tuesday, January 19, 2010

finally, the 43 degrees or less curse is over...for now

SmileyCentral.com unbelievable! i finally got the opportunity to swim this morning because the temp finally climbed above the Y's magic number of 43. my new swimming buddy and i have been trying to meet in the AM for a swim since january 5th to no avail. they absolutely will not allow us to swim if it's below the magic number. i can completely understand where they are coming from and i don't fault them for playing by the rules. one of my friend's informed me recently that the reason they do this is more for the lifeguards...poor things have to be barefoot out there. i know if i'm cold while running or cycling, they are even colder because they just sit there. you couldn't pay me enough to do that job. bless them for being there and being so tough.

so this is how my day went...i woke up at 4amSmileyCentral.comhad my coffee, then out the doorSmileyCentral.comfor a 5.5 mile run, which felt really good and helped to wake me up. came back home, threw on my swimsuit and hopped in the car heading for the pool. started swimming by 6am and done by 7. i decided today to not focus so much on counting laps and to just pay more attention to form. this is not easy for me to do because i'm a volume person. i believe it comes from my philosophy of high mileage running and cycling makes you better. by no means do i mean overdoing it. everyone is different but in my experience the higher mileage has worked for me. this is not true with swimming. swimming is a skill in my opinion, it's learning to move thru the water with efficiency, not trying to fight the water resistance. i'm a fighter right now but i'm trying my best to change my thinking to work on drills versus how many meters i swam. in other words, quality versus quantity. this old dog is gonna learn some new tricks! ok, back to my morning triathlon...so after swimming, hopped back in the car, came home and jumped on the bikeSmileyCentral.comfor an hour of intervals which is approximately a 21 mile ride. all in all, a very good morning workout that i will repeat on thursday.

i really thought that after that marathon of a workout this morning that i would be falling asleep at my desk by 4pmSmileyCentral.combut no, i still have tons of energy. although tonight, i will probably sleep like a log.

that's about it for today. is it too early to be looking forward to the weekend? at least it's a short week.

much love and peace outSmileyCentral.com!


  1. What an awesome workout day! Good swim as well! Your strategy is perfect as you get back in the pool. I am no Micheal phelps, but it does work. Cheers! :)

  2. Wow KC! That's an amazing work out especially when you onsider the fact that you went to work after that! LK

  3. oh but i'm paying for it this morning. slept right thru the alarm! but still time to do a little something : )

  4. wow long workout. you're making me feel lazy~ i didn't have class today and slept in until 7 (ooops)! great job though! And yes swimming is all technique although I do find I'm faster when I spend more time in the pool. I think it's the "feel of the water thing that swimmers talk about.