Sunday, January 10, 2010

jack frost nipping at my nose, my face and my fingers

when the temps are in the 40's and the wind chill makes it feel like it's in the high 30's, you can either find me on my mountain bike

or inside on the bike trainer. i chose not to be miserable especially when i'm doing something that brings me lots of pleasure. so today's workout was a 90 minute ride in the trails with the love of my life and then i came back and hit the trainer inside for a solid hour ride...and i sweat! the ride outside was rough at first. my face hurt, my fingers were tingling and hurt but all the other body parts were fine. it took a good 15-20 minutes for the frostbite to subside. usually my toes hurt but my genius husband came up with a trick (i think he may have read this on one of the cycling forums he is addicted to). first he had me put on a pair of socks, then wrapped my foot with cellophane wrap (yes, you read that right)particularly the front part of the toes and then he had me put another sock over that. my toes have never felt so cozy on the bike on such a cold day. until i decide to invest in some toe covers, this will be something i do again. in all the years i've been biking, i never thought it would be that important to invest in some serious cold weather gear until this year. i'm learning!

glad to hear that the disney marathoners survived the 26.2 miles of running in this frigid weather. some reported ice had formed on the cups of water and gatorade. i remember that happening at a previous disney that i did. i think it may have been the 2000 disney.

i hope everyone had a good week. i'm ready to tackle the week ahead. goal is to get in at least 30 running miles, 125-150 biking miles, 2-3 days of weight training and
3 swims.

much love and peace out!

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