Saturday, January 9, 2010

disney marathon, port-a-potties and this insane weather

i want to send a big shout out to all of those doing the disney half marathon, which i think already happened earlier this morning and to all the marathoners tomorrow. good skills and i'll send good vibes your way. i'm so glad it's you and not me this time. the worst part for you all will be waiting for a couple of hours, in the cold, in the "staging" area otherwise known as the epcot parking lot, which is totally ridiculous. that's the main reason i put that marathon and a few others on the "do not do anymore" list. i like to call those the high maintenance marathons. too much hassle and red tape involved makes for one tired marathoner come race day. just not for me! i'll take a jacksonville marathon any day...hop in your car at the hotel, arrive at the race start 20 minutes ahead of time, no wait to use a real bathroom, and start at the actually starting line, not 10 minutes behind it. ok, so you don't have very many spectators, so what. as long as i have my ipod, i'm golden. oh yeah, and you don't have a $155.00 entry fee either, which by the way, was $55.00 in 1998. disney can do that because people will pay it and not make a fuss. not even the boston marathon costs that much! go figure.

i had to laugh at this picture of the port-a-pottie because it reminded me of the first marathon i ever did, which happened to be disney and the first time i ever saw runners (men and women) running off to the side to pee. just right there, out in the open for all to see. i quickly got over the shock by mile 1 as it was now becoming a normal scene. the lines at the port-a-johns are too long, so it's just easier to run behind a tree or not behind anything. now days, it doesn't even phase me, however, let it be known that this is not something i have ever done in a race. i have stopped to use johnny-on-the-spot (another fancy name for the port-o-lets) if there is no wait in line or i'll just hold it in til the end. for me it isn't a matter of showing my ass to the world, but rather, i have pee phobia. i know a lot of people who have this phobia too but they just don't readily admit to it but they are out there and i'm one of them. i can't pee if there are tons of people around. i won't even pee in the ocean! i just can't do it. i feel like this could be a seinfeld episode. so all you marathoners tomorrow make sure you pee before you leave the hotel, lay off the coffee early, and if you do have to pee, try to hit one of the nice bathrooms in one of the theme parks as you run thru.

can i just whine a little more about how tired i am of this weather...once again spoiling another weekend? looks like maybe i won't be able to swim in the morning next week until later in the week, so afternoon swims again for me, which is fine, as long as it all gets done, i don't care. i finally ventured out this morning, or should i say afternoon because it was closer to noon by the time i bundled up and headed out. it wasn't too bad, but i kept thinking how super happy i was not to be signed up for any marathons this weekend or any other races for that matter. i'll be hopping on the bike soon (inside on the trainer of course) and actually work up a sweat...oh how i miss sweating. i really do.

much love and peace out ya'll!


  1. for ironman training I actually practiced peeing during the swim (not in the pool - just lakes). It is harder than you would think.

    And many people talk about peeing on the bike - I have never seen it but ...

  2. james, that is funny! i guess i better get practicing then. i do know a few triathletes that are talented enough to pee while they are on the bike.

  3. Wow KC, just reading your fitness routines past and present, makes me exhauasted. What you do in a day makes my 30 min workouts seem like peanuts. I guess the important thing is to move, move, move. Does jumping during the football games count? lol Good news, my P90X fitness product came this weekend, "Lets get it started in here.