Wednesday, January 13, 2010

warmer weather around the bend

well, i'm hoping this was the last morning i have to dress from head to toe with layer upon layer for my morning least for a little while. i've certainly gotten more used to it but my main gripe is the time it takes to get everything on (and off). running is supposed to be simple...shorts, jogbra, socks, shoes, and go!

i got in 1850 meters of swimming today. i was chomping at the bit around noon to get out and swim. that's right! i said i couldn't wait to get my butt out of an office chair and into the pool. those are words i never thought i'd utter.

here is what the next 7 days looks like around these parts:

of course, there's that #%&$ rain just in time for the weekend. i think florida is cursed! however, come monday, being that i'm off from work, someone is going to have to pry me off the bike. i'm headed to the hills baby! and i'm not coming back til i get my fill.

much love and peace out all!


  1. I would love that forecast! I wont see that until May! Global warning seems a little backwards this time f year! Happy training and stay warm!

  2. Yeah, KC, I can't wait to get back in the pool - ours has been too cold. Hopefully tomorrow! Keep it up!

  3. Why does the thaw always come with rain?

  4. Hi again, the post that I babble on everyday is
    it is my journey to my first Ironman. From 225lbs and not able to swim last September to whatever it may be in Wisconsin! Hope you are getting warmer! Cheers