Monday, January 18, 2010

j-lo booty

my husband is a very lucky man and he knows it. i was born to NOT shop. i dislike everything about shopping, however, i do love to shop online especially when it comes to workout gear but i only buy what i need, at the best price i can find and i don't go crazy purchasing things that aren't necessary. i've been telling the love of my life that i really need to go to sports authority or dick's sporting goods and pick up a new swim suit. i was actually surprised a while back when i found my 2 nike two piece suits from 5 years ago still intact and not eaten by dry rot. one is black and the other is dark blue. the tops still fit perfectly (surprise!) but the bottoms, not so much. what the hell? did i have a j-lo booty before and not know it? the bottoms are a bit baggy in the buttisimo for my taste. no can do! i've used them for the last 2 weeks and that was enough. we took a quick ride to dick's sporting goods and they had a very poor selection of 2 piece suits. what's the problem? did a memo come out that said one piece is the only style that is "in?"  i really don't care for one piece swim suits at all. wore em' as a child because i thought i was fat and maybe i was a little fatty but refuse to wear them now. i ended up finding only a speedo bottom and it is darn cute and marked down from $30 to $5...that's what i'm talking about and they fit perfectly. no baggy butt for me! couldn't find the top and not sure if it even came with one but my black nike top will work beautifully and no one will know they didn't come as a set. now the goal is to find some more and preferably with tops. next week i'll hit sports authority. i can only take so much shopping in one day and that 30 minutes i was in dick's today was my quota for the week.

as the ironman distance race i'm doing in october gets a little closer, i will do my research at splish to see what kind of unique suit i can design. i recently stumbled upon this over at a fellow blogger's blog. her name is heidi and you can see her really unique suit that her husband helped her design here. the coolest swimsuit i have ever seen for sure.

it was nice being off today for mlk day. got in a nice 50 mile ride with my favorite riding partner and we fought the wind like warriors. tomorrow i'll start the day running, swimming and cycling...a triathlon, then to work, then home to crash! i can't wait.

much love and peace out for now!


  1. talk to kathy about splish. she makes one for each race, really cute ones too.

  2. isn't it great when stuff doesn't fit!! isn't Heidi;'s suit a blast, good luck on your quest, cant wait to see what you come up with! Cheers

  3. lmao—check out the guy with the black t-shirt and chain in the background. he is fixed on j-lo's bootie like he is trying to land an f-15 on the deck of a moving air craft carrier for the first time. hysterical!

  4. mark, you have great eyes! now that you mentioned it, right you are. in fact, i think he's one of those guido dudes from jersey shore!