Saturday, January 30, 2010

yo, slow your roll!

these last few days have been a little annoying trying to fight off a cold and trying to figure out the knee tightness. honestly, i think my body finally decided to step up and send me signals i could feel to remind me to... "yo, slow your roll!" i ended up stopping at the store on thursday instead of going swimming because honestly, i was feeling a little beat up with a headache, sore throat, achy body. i couldn't figure out if i was sore from the weight training and abs from my easy morning workout or if it was the crud trying to get me. nonetheless, i stopped at the store to stock up on cold supplies...chicken broth (low sodium, no msg of course) and sugarfree theraflu. yes, they now make sugarfree theraflu...that's how huge the diabetic market is! a huge money making diabetic market! anyway, so i got home from the store and for a split second, i thought about hopping on the bike for a ride but that thought didn't last long. i decided i needed to just chill out and as hard as it is for me to do that, i did. i figured if i just get some good rest that i would be able to wake up feeling much better and do the workout i had planned for the next morning.

27.6 miles (5.5 run, 1.1 swim, 21 bike)
was my workout, in that order, on friday morning before work and i actually felt great! a few funny things that happened during the workouts that i must share. first, there is this lady at the Y who gets to the pool about 10-15 minutes later than i do so i'm swimming by the time she gets there. she proceeds to stand in front of my lane and as i'm swimming up to the wall, i can hear her yelling in her very new york accent, 'how's the wata?" the first time this happened, my goggles were so fogged up i couldn't tell if she was yelling this out to me or the lifegaurds across the way. i finally realized it was me. now i'm just used to it. yesterday, my swim buddy and i decided to be brave and try out the long course because frankly, we had no other choice since friday mornings are set up for the long course. for those who aren't familiar with how that works, here's a quick explanation. most pools have schedules set up where they will place the pool lane dividers across or long ways. the short course is 25 meters and the long course is 50 meters. since i started swimming at the beginning of january, i have conveniently opted for the short course however, yesterday i had no trouble getting comfortable going long. 

 something else that made be laugh at the pool yesterday. remember the lady from new york, well apparently, she knows everybody and their schedules. she tells me and swim buddy, that there is a swim team that gets there at 6:30am and they ALWAYS use the first 2 lanes, the lanes we just so happened to be in. my first thought is, what's wrong with the 2 end lanes on the other end of the pool? but whatever, we'll see if they get there and deal with it then. sure enough, right around 6:30am, i see a general mao-tse-tung look alike hovering above but he doesn't say anything, he just glares, so i keep swimming. then he sits down in front of our lanes. i'm starting to wonder to myself, is he going to ask us to move or what? seriously, he was annoying the hell out of me just being there watching. then i noticed 2 or 3 young swimmers standing there watching with him. finally, i looked at him and said, do you want to use these lanes and in a very drab manner, he says yes and that was it. no thank you. no, here let me help you move all your shit to the other side of the freakin pool...jackass! swim buddy and i decided we don't like the friday crowd all that much. unfortunately, the way the weather has been acting, we've had to adjust our swim schedules a bit. pretty soon we won't have to worry about that at all thank goodness. i miss the days of 90 degrees and 100% humidity. i'm over having to check every morning.

today we (me and favorite riding partner, jc) beat the rain and got in a 52 mile ride with a couple of riding buddies. i still felt a little shitty because of not getting enough sleep but rode well under the circumstances. i have to be on my death bed to not get my fun in for the day.  tomorrow i'm feeling a long run coming on. i forgot to mention that during my run yesterday, that odd side knee pain was fine. again, one of the loud and clear messages my body is sending to say, "yo, you need to stretch more too!" i made sure i did my stretches throughout the day, before and after i ran and biked. all good...knock on wood.

my new toy just got here today! my ipod touch! now i gotta learn to use it. already sync'd all of my music but now i need to research some of the really cool apps out there, like the nike+. i'm letting it charge up now.

have a lovely weekend everyone. much love and peace out!


  1. Hysterical! The morning water walkers drive me crazy. They get mad if they get splashed. You are in a fracking pool ladies! You're gonna get wet. AND there is hell to pay if you get in there even a minute earlier than their scheduled finishing time. As I was doing laps the other day, me and my training partner starting jokingly telling the water walkers that we had two minutes left and to not even think about getting in the pool until it is "their time." Oh... love it!

  2. hahhah sounds like my friday swim.. i'm going to write a blog about it called "swimming 101" people are mean!

  3. I swear there is a course on being an idiot on the pool! it is offered in Canadian as well! as a matter of fact of fact I think the PHD class studies on tuesday afternoons! Glad to hear you are getting back on your game! Have fun! Cheers

  4. Oh, I just had to laugh out loud when I saw that picture of Mao. Perfect description!