Thursday, January 14, 2010

lazy blogger tonight

forgive me for being a lazy blogger tonight. my creative juices have been depleted for the rest of the evening. my favorite word to describe myself right now is sloth. with this new activity (swimming), added to an already busy schedule, i find myself losing track of time and space. i just realized there's at least 2 loads of laundry that need to be done.

ok, i really wasn't a sloth ALL day. i ended up getting a strong hour on the bike this morning since the Y couldn't open the pool because it was still too cold and  got in some weight training and abs, then swam 2000 meters at the Y after work. i say i'm entitled to enjoy one of the seven deadly sins. oh yeah, and i stopped at the grocery store on the way home from many things to do so little time.

now, i'm chillin...and waiting for the washing machine to stop. i need a housekeeper and a personal assistant!

                                                                   sweet dreams!


  1. maybe we can all get together and get a huge bulk discount on housekeeping! good business idea, partner with tri coaches and offer deals on chores! Have fun slothing, I'm doing the same! Cheers

  2. I am in on the tri-housekeeping idea!! Feel like the house is in total disrepair when my training volume ramps up.

  3. Been there.

    Remember as long as your workout gear is washed, you are laughing.

  4. i'm a sloth too...especially after a long day of trainig :)I second the comment on the workout gear. What else do we really need?

  5. that's funny b/c most of the darks were primarily mine and hubbie's workout gear!! i make him put his in a different hamper b/c his sweat wreaks and i don't want that "built in" sweat smell penetrating into my workout gear...yuck and it's in the garage so sometimes i forget how much laundry is there : )