Sunday, January 24, 2010

looking back & looking ahead

last week started off nicely with having mlk jr. day off. bear with me now as i go into a whine-fest: i got to get in an extra bike ride with my love BUT did not make it to the pool that afternoon like i normally would have done had i worked that day. and that has eaten at me all week because i only made it to the pool twice! that's just me, no surprise there. i was also disappointed that i only got in 23 miles of running for the week too. i like to at least get in 30 miles per week when i'm not training for a marathon. friday morning was supposed to be my last running day of the week and i would have gotten a tad bit over 30 miles for the week but it was pouring down rain and i mean HARD rain. i don't mind running in a light rain but not a torrential downpour. and since the entire weekend was in the 70's, i rode my ass off and didn't run. needless to say, i got in more than enough biking. but that's in the past now and in looking at the big picture, it doesn't really matter. there were some good highlights of the week, particularly tuesday and thursday morning. i had some killer workouts...i got to run, swim, and bike all in a row before heading to work. that was so much fun and i look forward to throwing those in frequently.

unfortunately, the upcoming week's weather isn't looking too promising for a tuesday morning triathlon but we'll see. the 7 day forecast above is not specifically for our area where it can be about 5-6 degrees colder so i've seen some lows forecast for that morning, for our area, at right around 42-43.  if that's the case, then no pool access until says it is 43 or higher. one of my goals this week, besides getting back to my 3 swim sessions, is to get in a long run. i have another 3 weeks or so to wrap up the half marathon training...tuesday morning may be the day for this.

i patiently await my new toy...the itouch. should be arriving sometime this week and i'm looking forward to all the cool podcasts i've been hearing fellow bloggers speak of highly. i can hardly wait to explore all the neat apps i can download for training on the bike trainer too. i still love my teeny tiny shuffle but this...this is gonna be a whole new world opening up before my very eyes. what podcasts do you absolutely love? what apps are a must have? i'm open to suggestions so please feel free to leave your comments~they are much appreciated.

here's to a great week ahead and putting last week behind
much love and peace out!


  1. sounds like a great week to me! Hope Mother Nature cooperates and you can do your Tuesday tri! cheers and happy training!

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  3. I would love to have your upcoming weather! Good luck with your training!

  4. 67 degrees is not good weather? I woke up to a 34 degree thermometer reading the morning of my last triathlon of the season. Not trying to flex any muscles, but 67 degrees here... and I am running in shorts with no shirt—pasty and all.

  5. it rained on my parade this morning so i didn't get to run like i really, really wanted to but no big deal, there's always tonight. the rain is supposed to bring a cold front but now it looks like it isn't going to be as cold as they first forecast which makes me very happy! I realy HATE the cold...totally a spoiled, florida girl : )